Tuesday, April 15, 2008

lylah's principles for a wife to know and live by

I love teaching women how to be wives and practice biblical principles. Here's what I call Lylah's Simple Principles for a Wife to Know and to Live By:

She was created for her husband

She was created to respond.

Men and women have different roles/job descriptions.

God has a divine order and you can’t get around it.

A praying wife is a home builder, heart healer and heaven shaker.

Submission is our door to influence (duck low enough for God to touch him).

There’s no blessing to a wife outside of God’s divine order. When a wife goes out of the borders set by God – it costs her the protection of her man. Without protection – without peace.

Men are initiators & piercers and women are responders.

A wife is complete in Christ and her security must be in Him – her trust ultimately must be in Him.

A wife has every thing she needs for life and godliness.

Change around me begins with me.

The more understand a wife has of her post (biblical job description) and his groove (biblical job description) the more comfortable and confident she’ll become in that role.

Pride is expensive – it costs us our peace and makes us age quicker.

A wife is the queen of her home and she should act like it - respecting the "king."

Confidence has its way of drawing its own invisible boundaries

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