Saturday, May 17, 2008

organic help for the garden

Garden days of delight have proven the reality of pests in the garden that Garden Guy has worked so hard at creating. Because we want to be Organic and make good use of God's natural helps and because you do too - I'm posting organic helps here for you to consider. Here, I've posted the fun things to add to the garden and here I've posted some other how to for more natural repellents and here is the coolest automatic watering system and here my Garden Guy shows you how he put in our drip system and here are the instructions to make your own Princess Pathway and here is our inspirtation - we want to be like Pattie Moreno when we grow up. :-)

Create Healthy, Aerated Soil Naturally! Nature’s soil aerators, our live earthworms (redworms) improve and condition the soil as they burrow in search of food. Earthworms excrete a highly nitrous fertilizer (called castings), which contain 5X the available nitrogen, 7X the available phosphorus, 3X the exchangeable magnesium, 11X the available potash, and 1.5X the calcium found in 6 inches of top soil.Use 2-3 worms/sq. ft.

Shipping Included in Price (USPS Priority Mail) All orders ship on Mondays Only (Except holidays). Please select USPS Priority Mail for your shipping option during checkout. Also, as we enter into the higher temperatures of summer we are not always able to ship the worms due to their perishable nature.

We will not ship again until September to the following states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, and Utah.As for the rest of the continental United States, the exact ship date will have to depend upon the temperatures. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Buy these little delights here for only $28.50.

The Worm Factory is an efficient way to compost. The square stacking bins allow you to put the worms (ordered separately), their bedding and some food scraps in the bottom and more food waste in the top trays. The worms migrate upward in search of food as the supply below is used up. When they migrate, their castings in the bottom tray can be harvested.

Worm castings are rich with phosphorus, nitrogen, and many other nutrients and trace minerals, making them an excellent organic fertilizer.There is a handy spigot on the bottom tray of the Worm Factory to drain the compost tea. This can be used as a liquid fertilizer wherever needed, too.

The worms in a fully functional 5-tray Worm Factory use about 5-8 pounds of food scraps a week, and you can harvest one bin of castings a month! In a 3-tray Worm Factory unit, you can use about 3-5 pound of food scraps a week, and you can harvest one bin of castings every 6 weeks! Each set comes with a complete, detailed 16 page instruction booklet.The Worm Factory can be used year-round. In the warmer months, place the unit outside in a dry place away from direct sunlight. In cooler months, place the unit inside; it is an odor-free operation.

How Many Worms to Start:Suggested quantity of worms to start is 1000 (1 lb) for a 3-tray Worm Factory; 2000 (2 lbs) for a 5-tray Worm Factory. Buy this Worm Factory here at $92.95

Use this high-powered compost for indoor plants or in your garden. ARBICO Compost™ provides billions of beneficial bacteria that enrich your soil. This compost is unlike any other. It contains insect exoskeleton particles that act as a natural nematicide when you incorporate it into the soil.One cubic foot bag covers a 24 sq. ft. area 1/2” deep. Buy this high-powered compost here!

The Lady Bug House is "Home Sweet Home" to Lady Bugs - a garden's best defense against harmful insects such as aphids, plant lice, whitefly and scale insects.Use the house to release live lady bugs, or to draw wild populations.Each house contains 2 lady bug lures, habitat inserts and lady bug diet. The diet brings lady bugs into breeding condition, which helps them spend more time in the garden, and to lay eggs that hatch into more lady bugs. House lasts the entire season, replace lady bug lures regularly. Treats 2 sq. yards of infested plants. Each lure lasts from 2-3 weeks. Buy your Lady Bug House here for only $6.75

APHID CHASER uses a NON-TOXIC, natural insect pheromone to disrupt aphid colonies and ward them off your roses, vegetables and houseplants.Insects use pheromones to communicate. This pheromone dispenser upsets the insect's chemical ecology and breaks down communications in aphid colonies. These nontoxic dispensers do not affect beneficial insects or rose plants. They act to ward off most common aphid types, especially green peach aphids. Effects can occur in 5-10 days.

Applying APHID CHASER early in the season will prevent aphid colonies from becoming established.Place 1 dispenser every 20 sq ft or 1 dispenser per badly infested rose bush. Replace dispensers every 3 to 4 weeks.Package contains 8 individually wrapped dispensers. Buy APHID CHASER here for only $8.95. I am.

Aphid Whitefly Sticky Traps Seabright 4"X 7" 5 packBeats all other traps!
This yellow sticky trap catches whitefly as well as aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, and moths. Use in the greenhouse or outside. Place one trap per 25-50 sq. ft. One/acre for monitoring purposes. Only $3.97 here!

Hummingbirds are a fantastic addition to every garden, not only for their delightful beauty and entertainment value, but also because they consume large quantities of small insects in addition to drinking high energy nectar. Keep your hummingbirds well fed with this inexpensive blend of Sucrose and Dextrose. This high-energy nectar will keep your hummingbirds around in order to keep your small insect populations down.This 5.3 ounce package will make one quart of pure nectar. Refrigerate unused portions. Buy this here.

This patented, all weather formula makes slugs and snails disappear! Slug Magic is biodegradable and safe for use around pets and wildlife, worms & beneficials. Slug Magic can be used in fruit and vegetable gardens up to the day of harvest.Contains: 1.0% pelletized Iron Phosphate1 lb treats 1,000 sq. ft. Buy this product here for only $9.75.

It's important to routinely check the ph of your garden soil. If your soil does not have the proper pH level, your plants will not thrive and stay healthy. An improper pH level will keep all the nutrition – including extra fertilizer or soil amendments – locked in the soil and unavailable for your plants. Improper pH will also allow fungal and other diseases to attack plants and will inhibit fungicides and pesticides (even organic ones!) from working. But perhaps the worst thing of all is that rather than your chosen plants, your naughty uninvited guests with thrive best of all. That’s right–weeds LOVE soils with improper pH! They’re even considered an “indicator” that something’s amiss. Order your PH Test kit here on sale for only $4.85

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