Sunday, February 08, 2009

Valentine's Breakfast and Other Ideas

I've got a few sweet plans up my sleeve for Michael and I to celebrate the Celebrate Love Day. In the meantime, here's a repost of last years thoughts! What do you have planned?

As this day to celebrate our precious one-flesh union approaches, I'm thinking about the gift to give my musical man.

Gifts should matter to the giver and I've written about what matters to our hubs here and here and then today I visited Fussy's new Marriage Hacks site and she's written well about another important gift to give them here.

It's so important to understand what husband's need and long for in us.

Remembering and reminiscing is another gift we can give and I loved reading Lindsay's favorite Valentine memory during their courtship. Too sweet.

Not only do we give heart gifts to strengthen our marriages, but we can give food gifts and mood gifts.

The last Sunday we were in Spain, the kitchen was bustling with three women (Jenni, Megan and myself) making crepes and all the yummies to go with it.

Ah - ha - I said to myself - crepes is what I'll make my musical hubs for a very romantic Valentine's Breakfast. Since breakfast is my favorite meal to eat and prepare - it's going to be crepes. If you read my blog, you'll know that steel cut oats are a morning theme around my kitchen, so this V-Day - it's going to be crepes. For other special days I make Ableskivers. Here's my how to for crepes.

Like Gabrielle, I'll use goblets and linens and most likely have our romantic interlude outside. We can do that in the Phoenix Valley, so keep on the look out for what Lylah's Romantic Valentine's Breakfast table looks like. :-).

Meredith showed off her 2006 Valentines Breakfast table with yummy waffles. When I make waffles, I use the recipe from Martha Stewart Buttermillk Waffles. Yum

Daiquiri's making these frozen yummies for Valentines. Oh, you've got to check out her new photo shop you have to. Daiquiri takes ordinary life kid stuff and captures it to be amazing. Way to go girl - roses to you!

Amy shared her V-Day tips along with sharing some links to great idea sites and I loved her idea to create a bed and breakfast kind of look out of the bedroom (mood gift). I call that Creating Creative Sanctuary in the Master Bedroom. me some ideas. Thanks Amy!

I just discovered Carol's blog full of fun and interesting ideas. I love her candy heart topiaries.
On another artsy note - Gabrielle has a great Kid Valentine exchange idea. This works for me.

What are you planning to do to celebrate YOUR marriage? Share something on YOUR blog and come back here and post it and then link us to it.

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Org Junkie said...

You know I've never tried to make crepes, I'm too afraid. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you, would love to see pictures!!

Mrs Nespy said...

Thanks for the help! I have added this postto a list of my Valentine ideas on my blog.

Mrs. Taft said...

I wanted to add to this earlier, but I couldn't because it was a surprise!

Faith said...

When we were dating, we actually broke up over valentines, but not for the reason one would typically husband had made me this elaborate valentine's card and I did nothing (he is artistic, so he made this card and wrote this really romantic note, and had a canadian friend translate it into french for me!) It didn't even cross my mind to do anything, because at that point I was one of those that thought v-day meant nothing and was pointless! Well, this past week I have been thinking, what can I do to show him my love this year on valentines, and specifically to "make up" for that valentine's day long ago...hmmm.

Thanks for the post Lylah :o)

Jessica Lewis said...

hi! you added me on twitter and i'm stopping by to say hello. I'll subscribe to your RSS feed - love the simple home lifestyle!

thanks for the great ideas - i'll be looking for more! :)