Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Sunday Morning in San Sebastian

Sunday morning family time in San Sebastian.
Poppie reading time . . . Getting ready for amazing French crepes (the how to pictures posted soon).
His dad says he's a wild Basque boy. I guess that's good he's sleeping. This little guy's dad is our new friend Xabier Ezeizabarrena.
Poppi and grandkiddos play time on La Ondarretta Beach - Donostia
Simon and sisters playing in the sand. Simon told us he was making the Great White Wall of China. I asked him how he knew that. His response: I learned it when I was 2. I always knew my grandkids would be sooooooo smart.
A lighthouse and a Jesus statue stand on top of the Isle of Santa Clara - facing the beaches of Ondarretta and La Concha. Took this Sunday am . . . is it NOT simply amazing? There's no place like San Sebastian and it's beaches. Donostia-San Sebastian has three beaches, La Concha, (which was made popular by Queen Isabel), Ondarreta (which stands at the foot of Mouunt Igeldo) and La Zurriola (to the right of the river bank).

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