Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's So Good To Be Home

The reality is that when you fly from Bilboa, Spain to Phoenix, AZ it takes 26 hours.

Now you have to figure itfrom the starting point: getting up at 4:30 am (Spain time) - then

making an hour drive (thanks Gerald) to the airport in Bilboa -

then waiting two hours IN the plane in Bilboa (because the air traffic controllers in Frankfurt, Germany were on strike),

then flying the two hours to Frankfurt when the air traffic controllers in Frankfurt release your plane because they are on strike (normally they fly 80 planes an hour - the strike allowed only 15 per hour)

then departing in Frankfurt, finding your gate (phew - it was only about a twenty minute walk), boarding the plan in Frankfurt (which was delayed by two hours too),

flying the eleven hours to Charlotte, NC, with only one hour to make it through US Customs (and when we went through US Customs - we had only fifteen minutes to find our new gate)

you run to the departing gate for Phoenix - only to find out that there are problems on that plane

and it will take off two hours later than scheduled.

But, it's all good - because you see a Starbucks and know that you're in the USA and

home is only another six hours away (flying to Phoenix, getting off plane, finding luggage, getting picked up - thanks Linda, driving home, unloading luggage and dropping into bed - without brushing your teeth)

and it's 11 p.m. Phoenix time or 7 a.m. the next morning - Spain time.

So, let's see - waking up at 4:30 a.m. on one day and arriving home the next day at 7 a.m.

No matter how you cut it - it's a day.

It's so good to be home. Really good. I love my home.

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candace said...

what's even better, is that I am glad you are home!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you are safe and did i say, that you are home?!!!

singlemomforgod said...

Glad your back luv! Have some exciting news to share, I haven't posted it yet but am sharing with you first. I will email you the details!!!! Again, Welcome Home

Mrs. Taft said...

Welcome back :D

~Robin said...

we're lookinga t going to Romania this summer, reading your posts has been mentally preparing me..the long flight thing is just the tip of things Im sure. Wonderful journey, thanks for letting us follow you:)