Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Peanut Butter is well...almost gone.

Today Miriam asked for P B & J for lunch. Sure, no problem. Well, when I opened the jar and saw the meager scrapn's it dawned on me how much I take some things for granted. In another country there are things you don't get to easily have - like peanut butter. How often we take the little things for granted.

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Mrs. Taft said...

Too cute :) It IS funny the things we take for granted.

Bonnie said...

Did you take that picture ? The first one ? It's a GREAT shot !

Lylah said...

Hi Mrs. T....since being here, I have realized how much I do take for granted....

and, yes, Bonnie...took that pic...thanks!

Melonie said...

All these pix are just so wonderful!!! Looks like you're all having a glorious time. I'm so glad! :-)

I thought you might enjoy this series going on over at Bethany's blog, called Christmas in My Heart. I put my responses up:

I'm sure she'd love to have you join in too!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and travel home safely.