Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm headed to Spain!

I can't believe it, but it's worked out (thanks to my darling husband) that I'm headed to Spain tommorrow!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was plodding along with my lists, doing laundry, finishing gathering tax records for my accountant, and adding to the "to go" pile in the living room. I'd not had one thought (though tons of desire) to leave early.

The reason I wanted to leave early was to be there for Miriam's 3rd Birthday.

God's good. I'm going to make it. My husband called the airlines and worked it out for me to go!

Keep checking back - I'll continue to blog and have lots to share about the beauty of Basque Country.

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The Emery's said...

Hope you have a safe & wonderful trip!! Will keep you in my prayers! So neat that you get to make your granddaughter's birthday! ~Michelle

Lindsay Edmonds said...

Lylah, I am so jealous of you! ;) Have a simply wonderful time! I was so blessed to receive your phone call last night. Thanks so much! I was so encouraged and excited by all the information you shared. I admire you greatly and look forward to getting to know you more! Blessings!


singlemomforgod said...

take pictures and i collect refrigerator magnents! lol i am just joking. you and your wonderful husband have a blessed vacation. Just don't spoil the grandkiddos and leave- the parents hate that!:)