Friday, January 25, 2008

Basque? What is Basque? Who are the Basques?

I've always loved studying history, understanding people groups and their culture. It's one of the reasons Michael and I invite students from the university (ASU) to our home. We LOVE getting to know people from other "nations." We become richer (not money) for it.

Both Michael and I (like most Americans) have a legacy pointing back to somewhere in Europe. Both my father's parents immigrated from Germany in 1928. Michael's father's parents immigrated from Hungary. Both of us have spent time living in Europe.

It was about four years ago that we began to hear about "the Basque Country" and "the Basque people." The journey to understand has led us to be privielged to take two trips to this wonderful area known as Basque Country. I might add that both trips were done primarily with air miles!
We came on our first trip in September 2007 to give support and help to our daughter and son-in-law with their move to San Sebastian. Their job with Summer in the USA demanded them to be "on site." If you haven't checked out the student exchange program with Summer in the USA, you're missing out. This second trip (January 2008) was to help out with our grand kids while the whole Summer in the USA team visited the high schools to share what the program is about.

I think one can't fully understand the culture (and I'm still in process of learning) without a visit to Basque Country. I think many people in the states have never heard about Basque Country.

So, what is Basque Country and who are the Basque people? Where is Basque spoken? Where does Basque come from? What are the Basque origins?
If you're like me you want details and you ask questions. I've also found some good books like Life and Food in the Basque Country, an English - Basque Dictionary, Basque Diaspora or this book Basque America Travel Guide can be extremely helpful to understand what the Basque is about.

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