Thursday, January 24, 2008

English Basque Dictionary

With over 25,000 English entries and their Basque equivalents in six major dialects, this volume is the most complete reference to the Basque language to date for English-speaking people. This useful resource is the very first of its kind to become available to both the casual student and the serious scholar of the Basque language.The Biscayan, Guipuzcoan, Labourdin, Low Navarrese, Zuberoan, and Batua dialects are included in order to cover all the different regional and formal dialects used in the body of Basque literature, both written and oral, and to present the language in a form familiar to American Basques who may know little of Batua. Whenever possible, the authors also include words relating to modern society. This handsome volume, used by itself or accompanied by its companion work, the Basque-English Dictionary, will make an invaluable contribution to the library of those with an interest in linguistics or in Basque language and culture.

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