Thursday, October 01, 2009

Your Kitchen: The Center of Your Home

It wasn't till I left home and had my own family did I realize the importance and value of the family meal table. Even though my mother worked many years while I was at home, there wasn't a time that I remember that a home cooked meal carefully prepared wasn't on the table. Driving through McDonalds for a burger was a "once in a blue moon" treat - not the norm. Pizza or sub sandwiches were also a treat on rare occasions.

The other thing I realized, in looking back at my home life, was just how much my mom loved her kitchen. To this day she still does. Dishes were washed, dried and put away. "Stuff" on the counter was kept to a minimum displaying those kitchen tools that were needed for cooking and baking. The kitchen was the center of our home. Life flowed from that place of nurture.

How do you view your kitchen? As the hub or center of your home? Or a place that you just have to continually clean? Is it a place to create and provide nurture or a place where you don't give much thought to?

For me, life flows from my kitchen. Here's one of my favorite comfort foods.

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