Sunday, December 21, 2008

my mother - happy birthday

Today is my mother's birthday. Today I celebrate the woman who gave me life and mothered me into adulthood.

My mom is a lover of life. It's amazing that she is because as life would dish out some of it's hardships, she seemed to get a double dose in her very early years.

Mom's early years were pretty much spent learning to survive being passed on from one foster care home to the next. Unfortunately, each foster care home didn't offer much love or nurturing that a little girl needs to thrive. The authorities first removed my mom from her mother when she was abandoned on a bar room floor as a toddler.

Mom never knew who her father was and her only visual of her mother was when she was sought out by her mother for a moment of reconciliation.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Leary were the last foster care that my mother lived in. And, it was there that she remained until she and my father ran off - eloped to get married. While in the care of Grandma and Pop pop Leary, my mom learned all the 'arts' necessary for a woman to do well at keeping a home.

Because of certain legalities, Grandma and Pop pop Leary were never able to adopt my mother. She was known as "the foster child" of the Leary's.

In spite of life's speed bumps, my mom was an amazing mother. She taught me the value of home and the fun in making home a sanctuary. Mom also taught me the power of the table. Rarely did we have a meal away from the family table and almost always the center of the table had some little touch of her creativity.

Mom's taught me that loving others is what matters in life. She's also taught me that hardships and hardtimes are gifts - they develop character.

So, of the many more things I could say about my mom - I'll add just one more - I wish for you a Happy, Happy Birthday dear Mom!

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Kim@ForeverWherever said...

That was beautiful! I'm so happy for you! I have a wonderful, caring mom too! Maybe when they had it rough as a child they make sure their child's life is special! I sure felt special growing up!
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful mom!