Sunday, March 15, 2009


Truth or Dare:
Truth - I love shoes.
Dare - hard to pass up a good shoe sale.

I am my mother's daughter and my daughters are their mothers daughters. Love shoes.

Scored: My darling mother just brought out a pair of these Jessica Simpson heels she wore twice and now I am the proud owner of. How about that?

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Jennifer said...

I love me a good pair of shoes!

Renee said...

I have a basic black pair of Wally World (walmart) pumps that I have yet to wear that are under my bed neatly lined up with the rest of my shoes. Maybe I will wear on my next date night with my darling.

Although they are not Jessica Simpson ones,lol!

Hugs~ Renee

A Marriage After His Heart said...

wow tell mom those are some "hubba, hubba, hubba" shoes! Lol great taste that mom of yours. even more cool she gave them to you! I am sure thr music man likes them also *wink, wink* I simply can't wait to trade preggo flats for a nice pair of hubba hubba heels!
Glad to hear about Rick! He knows............