Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Texas Size Visit

I've been planning this trip for the past three weeks, ever since my brother Rick ended up in ICU in a Wichita Falls Hospital. Several from his world tried to kill him. The complete reasons are yet to be told. His head was bashed in and somehow he made his way to a day care center where ambulance rushed him to the hospital. Emergency surgery was performed to remove a blot clot among other things.

His life was definitely in the balance for a week and I believe it's the prayers of all who new, that caused my God, in His mercy, to spare this man's life. For that, I thank you.

My flight from Phoenix to Dallas to Wichita Falls was nothing less than delightful. I thank all my FB & Twitter friends for welcoming me to this fine state.

My youngest brother picked me up from the WF airport. I haven't seen him for at least six years. A little surprise included his fourteen year old son, Payton. My how these kids grow up. He's taller than me.

My second surprise was waiting for me at my parents home. Brother Rick.
My prayer is that he'll get what God wants him to get from this second opportunity to make something of his life and give back from what he's been given.

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Cliff Girl said...

I am moved by your brother's story and amazed at his survival. God's plans for him are rolling along, that's for sure!
With Prayers,

Renee said...


Sorry to hear about what happened to your brother. But glad that he has a chance and there is a plan for him.

Sometimes incidents change you for the better and make you see new horizons that you didn't before. I have stumbled many times and have got back on my feet and have taken a new direction.

Hoping for the best. So nice to see your warm regards to him and making the time.

Hugs~ Renee