Monday, March 30, 2009


Roots. Legacy. Connection. History. Her-story.

Everyone has a story and that story is what makes us the people we are. My past story of the good, the bad, the ugly, divorce, rejection, pain, hurt, shame, and overcoming it all - making is part of what makes me the woman I am today.

I've chosen to take all the good, the bad, the ugly, the pain, the hurt and the shame and make it work for me to live as an On Purpose Woman today.

I have one chance to make a difference in this world and believe me - I'm gonna make that choice to make that difference.

The last hour of my trip to Texas Dad took me to the cemetery where my legacy lies and and yet still lives.

Three influencers who immigrated from Germany - 1928. Two brothers and one woman.
This man influenced me most. He was my known to me as Grandfather and to my children and to their children as Opa. He immigrated from Germany May 18, 1928.

Read here how you can give the gift that keeps on giving. He passed away the day of my first granddaughters first birthday. He'd had a stroke and his death was from consequences of his stay in a care center - he contracted a staph infection which went septic.

This is Grandfather's older brother who was the only other sibling in their family to immigrate to the US. My daughters remember him most for his Mulligan's Stew. Mulligan's Stew is the name he gave for all the left overs tossed into a big pot.

He was killed when a young woman caused a car accident while he was driving on an overpass in Wichita Falls, Texas

This is Grandmother, Grandfather's first wife and my father's mother. She also immigrated from Germany and it was in NYC that she met and fell in love with Grandfather. It seems as if they had all odds against them - odds they were not skilled enough to overcome - and their two worlds collided more times than not. While in the cemetery my father tells me that his mother was Jewish. She died from complications of a stroke and subsequent pneumonia.

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