Friday, October 17, 2008

give the gift that keeps on giving

There will be a generation of important stories lost if we - don't think of giving the gift that will only give back to us.

I gave my grandfather, August Zentgraf, a gift that keeps giving back to me. The year he lived with Michael and I, I spent time with him specifically to write his story.

August Zentraf - lived 96 years.

Morning after morning, he and I would go to my computer. He'd sit in the chair next to my desk and he would just begin to talk as I typed. Sometimes, I couldn't type fast enough because I'd be so caught up in his story with many questions about what he just said. All along the way, I'd ask him many questions because I never knew those things about him. I wanted detail. I'd say things like, "You're kidding? You did that?" or "Really? And, then what happened?"

That was a gift to him. I cared enough about him to know him - to learn from him and ask him questions. It was a gift to Grandfather and it's still a gift that keeps coming back to me.

Most older parents and grandparents appreciate when their children or grandchildren take an intereste in their past. Perhaps one reading this will cash in on this gift while they're still alive.
I'll never have that regret with Grandfather. I've shared some of his stories with my children and grandchildren. They would have been lost had I not taken that time.

So, may this be my gift to my readers - write that story! Go to that older one in your life and spend time with them and learn of them and write their story! You'll kick yourself if you don't!

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sunshyne76 said...

That is awesome. Lucky for me, I have done that through out my life. People are oftem amazed at how many stories I can tell about my grandparents. I am lucky they are still around, but definitely not for much longer. Thanks for reminding people how important their family is!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is great, Lylah! One of my grandparents told their story on tape, that is another great way for Grandparents to tell their story if they aren't into writing anymore!

All my grandparents are gone so I am thinking I need to have my parents do this.

Love this, girl! You are cruising on the posts!


Lylah said...

thanks for stopping by and thanks for the twitter follow. i'll follow you back :-)

we're a generation of lost stories. we don't know how to tell them and i think the way to learn is to listen to them and capture them. it so requires us slowing down and making people - our seniors a place of honor.

blessings to you! lylah