Sunday, June 29, 2008

tales of traveling lylah - part 1

Months ago I found this super cool idea from Flat Betty's blog and with her permission have "borrowed" it for my current trip to Basque Country.

Here's my version of "flat betty"...hoping you'll follow along with her travels to Spain and beyond!

Check out my last trip's pics here.

Thought I'd read Shack on the BA Flight 288, but "Flat Lylah" just found the book to be a good sleeping place as there was the sweetest older couple from England to talk to. One thing I found so sad was how Heathrow Airport - Terminal 5 had been loosing thousands of pieces of luggage. Phew, so glad I wasn't going through that terminal. They even told me that Kate Moss was written a check for 20,000 pounds for her lost luggage. I also learned that the "missing" pieces end up in an auction in Milan. Can ya believe it!?! Phew.

I felt so joyful that I was flying into Heathrow Terminal 4 and then out of Heathrow Terminal 1. (Smug. Smug.)

Here's Flat "lylah" waiting at Phoenix International Airport for her BA Flight 288 to Heathrow. Yes! My hubs got me the BEST...I tell you, the BEST (oh I shouldn't let the secret out) seat on the plane (well, except for the sleeping cubbies). Maybe I won't tell you what seat I got, except I had leg room and a window and I didn't feel clusterphobic and there was NO one...I tell you....NO ONE in front of me. My little Brit couple asked, "Tell, us HOW did YOU get THAT seat?"

My response: God gave it to me and my husband got if for me.

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