Friday, March 19, 2010

Old Tools I Love in My Kitchen - And New Ones: A Blendtec

I love my kitchen and it's truly the center of my home. All activity flows in and out of this serving center and the last few weeks with thirteen of us hanging out and girls going wild (in my kitchen) - it was full of life and a busy place. I made several batches of my favorite buttermilk pancakes and waffles. Several times I served soft boiled eggs and of course steel cut oats smothered in butter, cinnamon and blueberries.

Good tools are essential for meal preparation and perhaps it's time that you see if your kitchen is a well equipped one.

I'd always wanted a pot rack and have to say that this tool is one of the smartest purchases I'd made. I found it on Craigs List for $60 and I LOVE it. Everything I use on a regular basis is right there.

This little copper colander is something I use daily - especially when straining blue berries or making soft boiled eggs. Not only is it handy, but I love the warm copper look. I found this at a vintage shop this past summer while in Portland. I think I paid $3 for it.

I LOVE - let me say it again - LOVE this egg beater. I have two and this one was my grandmothers. Whisks are great, but this little tool is better. My buttermilk waffle recipe requires that I separate the eggs and beat to "a firm" the whites. LOVE it.

I found this cute egg beater at that same vintage shop in Portland. Took it home for $8. Well worth the investment.

I'm adding two new tools to my kitchen repertoire. Thanks to my darling husband, he's been researching blenders and juicers and has decided to make this Blendtec Total Home Blender his first home front investment for me. Isn't that sweet. I did . . .gulp a bit over the price tag, but after I read the reviews and what other home makers had to say, I just got over it real quick.

So, why the Blendtec Total Home Blender? Just a few reasons:

It's easy to clean. With my busy life between family, gardening, serving and many people stopping by - I need - "easy to clean."

Makes incredible smoothies - something we do often and I can't wait to do more of.

Grinds grain. Now, I do have a Blendtec Kitchen Mill grain grinder, but why not gather around a few grandkiddos to grind grain at the same time?

It's a nice size for the counter - not too big.

I don't need a wet or dry container for the Blendtec Total Home Blender. The Vita Mix does. I like that idea of just one container.

I can make lots of home made sauces - easily. Since we planted about 45 or so Heirloom tomatoes, I'm thinking I'll be canning tons of sauce. This will be a huge time saver.

Lindsay of Passionate Home Making listed her 10 Reasons Why She Recommends a Blendtec - a worthy read.

I can throw tons of raw veggies from our garden into the Blendtec Total Home Blender and how good will that be?

If you're thinking of making this kind of $$$ investment, then watch this Blendtec Total Home Blender vs VitaMix comparison (thanks Lindsay) is good!

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