Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Pancake Recipe

I love making food that makes my family feel good and breakfast is a perfect time to serve feel good comfort food like a big bowl of Steel Cut Oats with blueberries or my favorite ~ buttermilk pancakes with peaches.

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day because it's the one that has the potential to start the day off right. There's something good that happens when the senses of morning come alive with freshly ground brewed coffee along with signs that the griddle is heating up for my favorite buttermilk pancakes. It not only stirs the physical senses but the heart ones too - it says, "Someone cares for me."

At least once a week I make a double batch of my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe. I've tried many different ones, and always come back to this one that one of my daughters found in Martha Stewart's Comfort Food Recipe Cook Book.

In case you want to make some comfort food and see a big smile on your families face - here's Martha's recipe from her Comfort Food Cookbook.

Martha's Buttermilk Pancake Recipe
Whisk together:
2 cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
3 Tbl. sugar

2 eggs lightly beaten
3 cups buttermilk
Tbl. + 1/2 t. unsalted - melted butter. ( I tend to use either salted or unsalted.)
Then, combine the dry and the wet ingredients. This is key: don't whisk the batter until it's smooth - leave lumps and un-moistened dry stuff.

Add a thin covering of butter to your pan. This batter makes about 9 6" pancakes. I always double this as left over batter refrigerates well for a few days.

What's your favorite comfort food? Read this: The Power of the Table.

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Dawn said...

Just made them for dinner tonight w/homemade blueberry syrup. Yummy :)

Lylah said...

Oh...yeah Dawn!!!!!!

Angela said...

Delish, I'm gonna try the pancake recipe! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love buttermilk pancakes! Dang the calories and pass the butter and syrup!


Vidya said...

I made some of these today. First time pancakes, and they turned out delicious. Thanks, Lylah!

Vidya said...

I tried some refrigerated batter today and barely puffed up. Was I supposed to add anything to it?

Lylah Ledner said...

Hi beautiful Vidya....they are truly best fresh...but not to worry that they didn't puff up....they'll still taste wonderful!!!!!