Monday, December 28, 2009

The Home Depot Guy

You have to understand that my husband isn't really a builder, but rather he's a musician, a philosopher, a gardener and a pastor - and mostly he's a lover of God and of people.

Yet, whatever he needs to do, he'll study, ask questions, research and then he'll throw himself into it - even building something that we might need like a chicken coop. Here's Michael's first coop.

Perhaps this is what I love most about this man. He works hard and isn't afraid to try anything. He's also humble enough to ask for help if he thinks it's something he could use some expertise on.
Being the wonderful helpmeet that I am (a-hem), I phoned my favorite Home Depot store on Christmas Eve because months ago I'd seen a shed on sale in the garden shop that I thought perhaps would work just fine for the chicken coop and then my husband wouldn't have to go through all the hassle and time to build a coop. After all there is so much other work that should/could be done here on this new farm project - at least in my (a-hem) humble opinion - not.

I really thought that perhaps this might solve all the problems. (Mind you - no one was asking me to solve any problems. My husband didn't think there were any problems. He was just fine with the process and he actually loves the challenge of building.)

Back to the Home Depot story.

What was so interesting and what was so God was first there were no sheds on sale but second - after I mentioned to The Home Depot Guy David that my husband was making a chicken coop the first thing out of his mouth was, "I'll show him how to build one. If he comes in, I'll help him."

Are you kidding me? Unreal. How often does something like this happen?

So, my darling builder guy went to Home Depot to meet David - the guy in the garden shop. I don't really know how long David walked the aisles of HD with my husband, but what I do know is that he came home with just under $400 worth of "stuff" to build me the finest ever looking chicken coop. David drew out the plans and took time to explain to Michael how to build this great looking coop. It turns out David is a chicken lover and built his coop.

The story has a few other pieces to it, but what is more important is that David, the Home Depot Guy offered to come to the farm to help my husband build the chicken coop. My hubby is on the left, David with the white hat and then David's wife Jenni standing off to the right.

Today, Monday, David stopped by to see the progress and then told my husband that he had off on Tuesday and would be over to help finish the coop.

Wow, amazing. Simply amazing.

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homedepot_michael said...

My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care and I just came across your site and was glad to hear about how David, our associate had gone above and beyond to help you and your husband. I would like to pass this information over to the store in which he works, I would appreciate it.

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

Angel said...

Wow! What a great guy and a fun story to read! We love Home Depot too.

Lylah Ledner said...

Angel....thanks. Glad you enjoyed the truth :-).. HD is almost my home away from home - at least during this farm project.

Wow - Michael....that's awesome. I got a bit choked up at your comment not thinking that any recognition for David would go as far as the corporate offices. This guy David deserves a big applause - for sure.

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

It seems like it's off to a good start. I can't wait to see it when you're finished.

I might have to just take a photo of ours as it is to send you. It is starting to wither, but it might give you some ideas.

I just talked to my husband about the chickens, and I think we'll get 6 or 8 this time. We had to order 25 last time...that was their min. order. It was too many.

We have a friend with some goats and we've thought about getting one, too! We are on 3/4 of an acre, but I think we're going to look for more land.

Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see your progress tomorrow!


Lylah Ledner said...

Thanks Kim - here in Phoenix they just had a "coop de-tour" where they visited different coops. How fun would that be? I think the guys will be done Thursday - but I'd still LOVE to see yours!