Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode to My Chickens

Today, I came home to devastation of a various kind. A coyote or two weaseled their way into our chicken coop and feasted on all six of our sweet girls. Needless to say, I'm more than ticked.

These six hens were more than egg provision. They were actually sweet little pets - especially to Ivana (she's 4)- who calls herself the Chicken Girl

Candace thought this would be good therapy: Ode to My (Girls) Chickens.

Such is life at the Simple Home.

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Janel said...

AWW! That's awful. I know how they can become pets. My mom and aunt lost a bunch of theirs to coyotes a few years ago.


Erika W. said...

Oh my, how sad is that! I just found your blog, and am really enjoying what I am reading. I hope your little ones are okay with the chicken disaster. :-(

Danielle said...

Oh you had chickens! I'm so sorry about what happened..I would be so ticked too! I would love to have chickens, but alas we live in a subdivision with all it's many rules. :/

*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...


I know how I felt when the racoons ate all my sweet corn!! And it was just CORN!!