Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lunch in a Box - I Ate an Ant

I'd just gotten off the phone with a friend from Ireland and decided that it would be a Lunch in a Box day. So, I grabbed my kitchen shears and snipped some spinach, arugula, and some curley leafed lettuce. I'd so enjoyed the Nasturtiums from the other day and I read that Pansy's are edible as well, so I snipped away.

After taking great care to rinse my salad off, I carefully set each piece on my plate. I like to make things look lovely. I admit, that I played a bit with the position of the flowers. It was like designing a room or something.

Isn't this lovely? Almost too lovely to eat. Until my darling little four year old grand daughter drew close to admire the pretty pansy's and to see if I was really going to put those flowers in my mouth.

She drew close enough to notice a tiny ant trekking across that lovely white pansy. After my moment of horror, I regrouped to find the little varmit on my mission to destroy.

Not fast enough. It disappeared midst the laughter that darling daughter and I had.

I was hungry and decided that perhaps adding my olive oil and white wine vinegar would help me ignore the reality that I'd be ingesting a itsy bitsy ant soon.

Would you have eaten the ant?

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Felicia Eis said...

Such a pretty salad!! And yes I would have eaten the ant since I use to eat them as a kid (that is what happens to a girl with to many brothers ;))

Sonja said...

yes, I am embarrassed to say, I would have eaten the ant. It's too much work to make a good salad like that to refuse to eat it just because there's what my dad would have called "a little extra protein" in it.

MaryRose said...

As long as I didn't have to KNOW the moment it was entering my mouth, I would eat away! Looks like a delicious salad!

Growing arugula at home is genius! I love it!

DeANNA said...



Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

You gave me a good laugh! I would not want to eat the ant, BUT the salad is so nice that I wouldn't want it to go to waste.

I think I would convince myself it was extra protein and then carefully look at each bite before I put it in my mouth!

kelly said...

I had unintentionally killed ants while cleaning! That ant will not wreak a havoc in your tummy though. Your salad looks healthy!!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Beautiful salad...but was it good?


Mrs. Taft said...

Hey, as long as I didn't know, what's some extra protein?!