Saturday, December 27, 2008

books for the organic heart

One of the buzz words of the past ten years has been Go Organic! I'd like to think that our garden is somewhat organic. Michael and I are in a process of learning what this all means.
A dear friend gave me this book, Home Grown Pure and Simple. I tell you that it needs to be in every organic-minded person's library shelf. The recipes alone are worth the book, but what appeals to me is the story about how they got to the place they did - through their garden. It's a little spendy, but worth it's weight in education, pictures and recipes. It's one that's challenged my little organic gardening heart.

My organic heart is in the process of reading this book by former Tucsonian (my old stomping grounds) Barbara Kingsolver. I'm so convicted about the Arizona desert's use of water. I'm thoroughly enjoying the read.

This book says that I'll learn everything I need to know to grow organic foods, from nurturing the soil to starting seeds. Create an organic garden rich with nourishing food... It's available at Amazon for about $15.

This book, Growing Food in Hard Times, totally appeals to me, mainly becasue it's part of the Mother Earth News Series.

About twenty - five years ago, as a single mother, I lived on a "farm" in North Texas. My farm consisted of raising some dairy goats, chickens and a gazillion cats to chase the gazillion rats and mice (and I have rat stories too). I had wheat farmers all around me and they were so kind to give me wheat berries which I would grind in my ordinary kitchen blender and make the most amazing bread.

To supplement the peanuts the x tossed my way, I'd bake bread (using a recipe from Mother Earth News) and I'd sell it for $3.50 a loaf. I'd also sell our goats milk for $3 a gallon. Back, in the day, that worked for me. The experience was invaluable for me and my girls - who to this day tell horror stories about the "pecking chicken."

One of my daughters just purchased this book: grow organic. It's on my lap as I type and I'm falling in love with the pictures - it's beautiful and should be highlighted on a coffee table as well as be earmarked. Really,the photography is rich on every page and for us kinestic learners, it's a must.

What's challenged your organic/gardening heart?

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Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I love "Gardening When It Counts!" (I believe it's written by the guy who started the Territorial Seed Company, too.)

Michele :)

Lylah said...

hi michele...actually THAT's the one i want! thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

i am in the middle of the Barbara Kingsolver book also. it's fantastic!!!

Danielle said...

I just bought Gardening When It Counts not long ago! I'm really liking it so far. I plan to go with his recipe for a complete organic fertilizer. I love books. Thanks for these recs!