Thursday, November 27, 2008

the spendid table

For the woman who is ready to rethink a glorious role as the heart of the home - reclaiming and igniting the hub of her home - the kitchen.

For the woman who is ready to engage her (Godly) power of influence to change the world around her.

For the women who fought so hard to get out of the kitchen and are ready to embrace food and see it as politics, humor, satire, history, hospitality, entertainment and a sweet challenge.

For the younger women whose mothers never taught them the glory of the kitchen and the art of gentle cooking.

The Splendid Table will rock your world and change your life and ignite a sweet passion - one that will be sure to grace you to leave a legacy that will begin to matter.

For the value of the table read this. For a few table top scapes go here and here.

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