Thursday, November 27, 2008

you get only two guesses

I'll give you two guesses to figure out what I and the fam were doing after the kids were down to bed and the six of us were just hanging "around" the kitchen table! Two guesses, that's all you get! I do admit though that for just a moment, I was spacing out from the task at hand visiting Ree at Pioneer Woman.

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Jennifer said...

Planning your strategy for black Friday madness?

Lylah said... got it....except I didn't go. :-) thanks for stopping by!


BarbaraLee said...

Pretty easy. Adds for shopping on Friday.
Not me. I am not crazy! LOL!

Melissa said...

lol this picture is too funny. We didn't go Black Friday shopping.

angela said...

I checked out the ads, but wasn't too impressed with the sales! For such a bad economy the retailers didn't seem to want to sell anything! Slept in and went shopping later in the day...and got most of my shopping done! :-) Happy Holidays!