Sunday, November 30, 2008

liam's home birth - so beautiful

There is nothing like life given and life embraced and there is nothing like the privilege of seeing new life come into this world and join a family.

I've been blessed to see my grandchildren join our family. I've been blessed to see my niece join our family and in October of this year, I was blessed to see Liam Ledner join our family.

Please take a moment to bask in the life God gives as you watch Liam's home birth. BreAnna's midwife, Sue, and her doula, Alison (also a midwife), were an awesome team.

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Felicia Eis said...

Oh gosh so sweet. I cried through it because it reminded me of my home birth and the wonder of it all. :)

Six minutes!!! Gosh that was quick!!! I pushed for 3 or four hours :P

Lylah said...

it IS amazing, isn't it! thanks for stopping by. yup...he came so fast - the only problem was that we didn't have Bre's pool filled up like we'd hoped - just didn't expect her to deliver him so quickly.

Youthful One said...

I, too, cried.

I cried at the delight in the father's face.

I cried in knowing the feeling of the precious newborn against Mama's breast; the wonder of learning his face.

I cried in the phrase, "I'd do it all over again."

I cried at the beautiful picture of you, like an angel, praying over the birth and the family. (I have always had an intercessor in prayer at each of my births - and all of mine were home births too.)

Thank you for sharing such a testimony of God's gracious gift of life.


Maxime said...

I was lucky enough to have my daughter at home as well.. It was so peaceful.. Just my husband, my midwife and I. Our daughter came into this world in a very dim lit, quiet room.. She is the calmest baby ever and I truly believe it is because her birth was so peaceful.

What a beautiful video and what a beautiful baby.. God is so good.

Janel said...

Very sweet. {sigh} We had 3 out of 4 at home.

Did he come yesterday? Our oldest was born yesterday - 14 years ago. :)

Happy Birth Day Little One!

Deb Burton said...

He's beautiful! What a lovely way to journal the whole experience, and what an absolute blessing to see new life!

LindaFox said...

Lylah...thanks for posting beautiful. One cannot help but weep. The look on BreAnna's face...they are all just beautiful!

Melissa said...

Congratulations Lylah! What a beautiful moment to share!!! More than anything in this world thus far can rival seeing a little one come from the womb blessed by God.