Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wrong time to have sex?

I'm always scouting around for interesting articles to re-print here (giving credit of course) and this one just popped up. Needless to say, it's interesting and obviously a girl who is like this (oh someone please tell me they're not!) hasn't read this.


Quoting from here:

Samantha Jones might have us believe that hot sex anytime, anywhere and with anyone is acceptable.

But let's face it: Her hormones were written in the script. In the real world, sometimes a single gal ought to keep our panties on and step away from potential disaster.

Here's when:
1. Because he cheated on you. He's scum. He's the scum beneath the scum. But you're not. Why sink to his bottomless depths and lay down with another guy to get back at him. Will it really make you feel better? Not in the long run.

2. To gain someone's love. The thinking here is, if you give him your goodies, he'll feel all warm and fuzzy about you, and escort you off into the sunset with him forever. Pump the brakes. If there's no guarantee he feels the same as you do before you have sex, there's even less of a guarantee he will after.

3. You're doing it out of pity. Trying to boost some poor sap's self-esteem, eh? Hmm. How about a cupcake and a motivational tape instead? Be a cheerleader for this guy, but don't give him sex as a temporary solution for what's probably a much deeper problem.

4. You dig his car. Really? You'll have sex with someone just to ride in a shiny, new-smelling ride? Let's think about the sense that makes.

5. To get something. Someone once said: "Use what you got, to get what you want." Well, your body shouldn't apply here. Plenty of folks have earned fame, power, even the rent money without doing the deed. Plus, making this a habit kinda puts you in, uh, hooker territory.

6. He bought dinner. And? You owe him a "Thank you," not a night of passion.

7. You're drunk. Unless you're at home inebriated with someone you trust, this is wrong on so many different levels. Don't put yourself in danger and end up doing something you might not remember in the morning. You're best bet: Know your limitations when drinking around strangers.

8. Your friends are doin' it. So you're on a double date and the accompanying couple are gettin' pretty hot and heavy. You've no obligation to follow them down that road. Follow your own path and enjoy your date without taking your clothes off.

9. You crave attention. Trust us, the quick gratification isn't worth it. Even if you're lucky to have a good time, you'll feel even lonelier in the morning. Adopt a puppy instead.

10. To be mean. Your best friend betrayed you, so you sex up the guy she's digging. Pretty low, and pretty dumb. If he bites, best believe he'll be laughing with his buddies about how he bagged two best friends. If he doesn't bite, your ego's a shattered mess. Spare everybody's feelings and find a new gal pal.

This piece is written by Stacy Gilliam who's an award-winning freelance journalist living, working and loving in Washington, D.C.

What do YOU think about THIS? Sound off girls!

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BarbaraLee said...

I don't even pull this bull on my hubby. Sex is something to be taken care of. It is to bad that this society makes it out to be no big deal. No wonder we have so many confused teens & adults.

Lylah said...

You say it VERY well. Thanks Barbara for stopping by!

DEANNA said...

Oh, Lylah, this is awesome. I see so much of this stuff even at the grade school level right now.... Brinkley is only 7...

Society is so degrading to women and young girls. Look at how they are already going after Sarah Palin's sexuality. SAD!

I love everything that was said here.

Lylah said...

Deana Woman!!! So glad you weighed in...I'm angry that women are so deceived and they don't know WHO they are and WHOSE they are and they buy into this media CRAP (oh did I really say that - yup I did) and lower themselves to be this and by chasing men and then everything that follows after that one!

Let's take the world of women by storm - and proclaim the truth! You're my new partner! :-)

love u...

Deb Burton said...

Looks like she hit all the nails on the head. Us women have been sold a bill of goods, and I'm not even sure who to blame for the cause of it all. Bottom line is, though, God holds me, myself and I accountable for the decisions I make and the actions I take.

Now, if we could only get other young women to understand that....
Deb Burton

Lylah said...

Deb...thanks for stopping's true...people who are made in His Image have no clue that they will stand before One of Two Judgments - the Bema Seat (for the believer of Jesus) and the Great White Throne (for the unbeliever) and that every deed is written down in The Book(revelation) and that on That Day all those deeds will be uncovered and we'll all answer for the attitudes and motives and behaviors of the heart (for the believer) and the unbeliever for turning from the King.

I am passionate for Women - all Women to get this and to make a CHOICE. The only pro-choice I am is for one to choose to follow Jesus. Every other choice follows in line after that one.

My am I on a soap box today! Must be that I have my grandkids right here and I feel responsible for two generations...that of my daughters and that of my grandchildren.

I have a grandson right by my side as I right...and he just told me a chipmunk ran across our pool area. I don't think we have chipmunks in Arizona?

thanks for stopping by.