Wednesday, September 17, 2008

12 things you can do now and should

Seasonal changes are great times to evaluate what needs to change. I find myself making some great lists that have to do changing things like our garden and our garage but I often neglect some of the more important things that need changing. A year ago I went on a detoxification journey and came up with a list of change: 12 Things You Can Do Now and Should.

1. Read and research. The Detoxify or Die is a fantastic resource.

2. Change what you can change. There wasn't anything we could do about the chemicals emitted from our new carpet, but there was something we could do about our water. Besides only drinking filtered water (Detoxify or Die tells you what are the good kinds) we added a filter to our shower head.

3. Read this plastics list. Get rid of all your bad plastic. If you can't change it out all at once, do it in steps. Watch for sales, but change it out. Check out this site about plastics. Check out this site for other guides. Check out this site to know what plastic to avoid.

4. Read labels. Don't assume you know what's in it. If there are names on the label that you've never heard of - then there's a good chance your body won't know what to do with it our how to digest it.

5. Read my personal testimony of why I'm changing.

6. Nurse your baby. Please nurse your baby. Please get help from older moms to nurse your baby. Read this if you use formula. It's lengthy, but will give a mother something to think about.

7. Change out your cookware to stainless steel. Teflon is toxic. Read this to know more.

8. Change your diet. Most of what we eat is acidic in nature. When our bodies are acidic, they don't repair themselves, breakdown more quickly, decrease ability for the body to detoxify, make us more susceptible to disease. Get understanding why you need to eat foods that are more alkaline rather than acidic and know what foods are what. Check out this food chart to see what you should be eating more of.

9. Detox. Exposure to toxins, creates a heavy burden on our bodies. I've heard it said that "you are what you don't secrete." Toxins build up, they inhibit our ability to absorb nutrients. I'm dealing with that right now. For some reason I'm not absorbing as much calcium as I need to and being in my mid-fifties, that's not good - so I'm finding out why.

10. Find out what's in your pillow. Many pillows are loaded with toxins like brominated flame retardant substance. If you can change it - change it.

11. Change your cleaning products to non-toxins. Read this and read this. Michael and I are going this route for now along with what Lindsay and Stephanie use.

12. Know about fruits and vegetables that are on the dirty list.

I'd love to hear what you're doing to detoxify. Anyone do the colonics? I did and have lived to tell about it. What have you changed and how have you known it's benefited you? This book - Fast Track -- One Day Detox Diet has been beneficial to me.

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Deb Burton said...

Wow, you've really created quite a resource of info here. I've done some reading on detoxification, especially as it pertains to a possible (probable?) connection to neurological impairment (my son has Asperger's). But I've not invested enough real time in trying to track down all the info that's out there and make sense of it. Thanks for putting this together.

Optahealth said...

Great information here, I've been a big believer in detoxing my body for a while. I a have an organic garden, drink purified water and have an awareness of many of the things you are talking about.

Letting in fresh air, by opening windows is a great help.

I've got some videos on detoxification on my site