Thursday, August 28, 2008

what is a mentor?

What is a mentor?
· A mentor is a woman who is close and trusted and experienced.
· A mentor is a woman who is a role model and has a lifestyle exemplary of knowing, walking and loving Jesus.
· A mentor is a woman who is an older woman who is a godly role model who nurtures (provides that which is necessary for life and growth), assumes responsibility for a younger woman whom she is discipling (teaching the ways of the Lord – through prayer, God’s word) on a one-on-one basis.
· A mentor is reverent in the way she lives and has a lifestyle worthy of respect at all times.
· A mentor displays her lifestyle in the caring ways she listens to people of all ages; in her discreet but attractive appearance which mirrors her inner beauty; in her respect for others and their feelings and in all her relationships
· A mentor is a woman who is able to keep confidences, have nothing to do with gossip or idle talk or rumors.
· A mentor is a woman who is gifted with love to bring out the gifts in another woman.
· A mentor is a woman who has a reputation for kindness toward others and possesses Christ-like characteristics.
· A mentor is a woman who is available and willing to share in another’s life.
· A mentor is a woman who desires to listen with a receptive heart, perseveres and commits to the woman God has brought her into the mentoring relationship with.
· A mentor is a woman who is willing to spiritually reproduce herself in the life of another woman.
· A mentor is a woman who pours out her life into the life of another woman becoming a life-shaper.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I feel like your blog is a form of mentoring. :)

thebeadgirl said...

beautiful lylah...just beautiful...

Faith said...

I wish more mentors existed in our world/church today! I would love to be mentored as well as be able to be a mentor for someone else some day! God gave us our lives to share them with others because our testimonies testify to the fact that he still is alive and working today!