Sunday, August 24, 2008

front doors and hearts

I love design and color and beauty. I'm drawn to spaces that have uniqueness and say "different." I also love front doors. It's crazy, but I do.

A front door says something about what's possibily inside the home. What's inside the home says (most likely) what's inside the heart of the woman of the home.

Did you know that you can generally tell what's going on inside a woman's life the first moment or two that you walk through her front door? What does your front door tell you about your home and your heart? On my recent trip to Spain, I walked around snapping pics of front doors.

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Octamom said...

love this--have a good friend who does some beautiful photography of front doors!


Lylah said...

thanks for the comment....i'd love to see your friends doors!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

These are beautiful! I'm dying to replace my builder-standard entry door and have been searching for months for the right one (at the right price). Wish I could have one of these! :-)