Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what makes a worthy wife

Today, this granddaughter and I had a breakfast date at Wild Flower.

She's the most fun 6 3/4 year old girl to talk to.

She's a good thinker, works on caring for others and is an amazing helper and organizer. She's also the best big sister and older cousin any little girl could have.

Right now, she's is so moldable. I love it, and being a disciplemaker and bridge builder, I'm taking advantage of the time I have with her.

Lately, we've been having conversation about "being a worthy wife" and so today, at breakfast that was what most of our convo was about.

I asked her what she thought were some of the "skills" of a worthy wife. Her list includes: cooks in the kitchen, clean up after herself, always carries a hanky, takes care of her family, is gentle, doesn't yell and is kind.

She also said that a worthy wife always looks pretty (hmmm), has her hair combed nice, wears earrings, puts make up on (oh dear - we're being incriminated here) and then looking at my arm she says, "And she wears bracelets." Awe - so sweet.

The conversation continued as I explained how God talks about the worthy wife thing in the very beginning, in the middle and in the back section of The Book. I pointed to Genesis 3, Proverbs and Ephesians. Then I told her that right here (pointing to Titus 2), God tells me that I'm supposed to tell my daughters and my granddaughters what it means to be a worthy wife and that is the reason I'm telling her.

It was fun hearing her thoughts about how a worthy wife is supposed to be with her husband. She said that she is supposed to "take care of him when he's not feeling well and be kind." She added that with children your supposed to help them learn the right way to do things.

Because worthy wives must understand what respect is all about, we chatted about that too. I gave her a couple of examples of a wife saying the same thing in two different ways. I wanted her to understand that a woman's tone - via her heart attitude - would be one of the ways that would show respect or disrespect. She got it. And so do I.

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Naomi Smith said...

sigh . . . wonderful.