Sunday, April 06, 2008

rolling out the beauty

The other day, Michael and I strolled down our little garden path (aka Princess Pathway) to admire his handiwork and hardwork. In the moment of sweet reflection, he said, "I want to roll out more beauty." I smiled. Wow. Roll out beauty. That's worthy to ponder. Here's how to make a Princess Pathway and here's how to take Baby Steps on Becoming a Purposeful Home Keeper

We lovingly admired the gorgeous growing goodies in Box # 1 and Box # 2: lettuce, tomatoes, dill, basil, nasturum, french sorrel, stevia, thyme. YES! Hmmm.....I'm thinking of Maria's salsa, great salad and my Italian sauce.

I've never had dill grow like this. I'm smiling. Just noticed some little varmit eating holes in my basil. Stink. I'm going to check out this organic company that has everything organic for the Simple Home gardeners like us.

This past week the Princess Pathway hit a speed bump. My Garden Guy's been on a bit of a "back sabbatical." He hurt his back - not from gardening, digging, laying down the Princess Pathway (the very, very heavy slate), but from bouncing on the trampoline with his grandsons while they were on his back. Go figure - he is Poppi, you know. The best, I might add.

My swiss chard and the hint of arugula is looking lovely.
Nice touch with the petunias, don't you think?

I'm totally excited about this: my purple beans are beginning to beg upward.
Anyone have any yummy recipes for them?

More sweet nasturtium - which by the way is a great planting companion that repels aphids for broccoli and squash bugs and beetles. Cool, huh!

For more gardening delights go here!

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Org Junkie said...

It looks amazing!!

Lylah said...

thanks laura....i've got to get over to your place...real soon :-)

Mamma D said...

Your garden is beautiful!! It is still too chilly here in PA to put anything out. Hoping another in another week or two things will have turned the Spring corner.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you liked the onion tip!

Elizabeth Sue said...

Just lovely!

*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...

How did i miss this post!! Your garden is just beautiful!! mmm...and you can be planting now..while i am covering mine with compost and getting ready for it to cook in the winter..
Does Maria have a kicker salsa recipe? mmm...