Wednesday, April 30, 2008

giving birth

Interpretation: Welcome to our family - new baby, Christiana.
Yesterday, daughter Candace told the grandkiddos that in December, we're going to have a new family member in our family. Jillian, almost seven, took the window paint and proceeded to write a welcome sign to "our families new baby." She also has given the baby a name. Guess she's hoping for a little girl. Sweet.

Candace, very early in the part of her first trimester has been hit with some pretty intense morning sickness. I so remember those mornings. Ahh....

Fortunately, I get to be on the nurturing team (Mark's the other player). Right now, she crashed out on my blue sofa, trying to get comfortable, periodiacally sip some ginger tea and watch the "Having Babies" TLC on the Discovery Channel. In and out of working on morning Simple Home chores, teaching Jillian how to wash dishes, and Zane how to pull weeds, I can't help watch too, and cry a bit.

What is it about the gift of life that makes a woman tear up with someone she doesn't even know? I guess it's just being a mom and experiencing the joy of life. Gosh, I can hardly wait for December to get here!

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