Saturday, December 01, 2007

What's a Wife? Cultural or Biblical - Series Part 1

I've been thinking about starting several different series and calling them Coffee Break Talk. So, here I go, the first one is entitled: What's a Wife? Cultural or Biblical.

(I'll randomly post - for sure several times a week)

A number of years ago, I got to thinking about jobs. Most jobs that I’ve applied for gave me information on my hours, my pay and my basic job description along with any benefits that I might be entitled to. So, it was from that line of thinking, I looked at my role as a wife and thought that it’s sort of like a job. From there I began to look in Genesis, then on through to Proverbs and then into the New Testament. Lo and behold, it really is like a job. My study showed me that God actually gives women a job description and He tells them what makes a good wise wife and what makes a foolish one.

This discovery really rocked my world. It made me realize that I’ve been in my marriage—in my role as wife—having really no clue what it mean to be a wife. I really did what I thought—or what I felt was good for my own benefit. Ugh! It’d entered into the marriage contract with such huge rose colored glasses on. I acted independently in just about every area that a wife could act independent in. I think—no, I know I was the queen of disrespect. I definitely wasn’t on my way to becoming my husband’s glory. Submission? That was something I’d only do on the outside—but my inside attitude stunk.

Anyway, I think you might be getting the picture and perhaps you can relate in some small way to what I’m saying.

OK, so, then I thought, that this job description list wasn’t really just for women who are married. It is for all women, married or not. For the ones not married—perhaps it ought to be considered a study manual. It is the manual to prepare and reveal all the attitudes now—before they get married. I look at this job description list as a wife-training material.

If you’re reading this post now, and not married, then just think of yourself as a bride-in-waiting and don’t move on so quick. Come back, read it, study it, take it to heart so that when God does open the eyes of a good man to see you’re a good women—he’ll begin to pursue you and you’ll won’t be so blind going into your new life as a married wife.

What I found is that a wife IS 6 thing, 6 things NOT to be, she HAS 32 things to do, 8 things to be and —all of which is not exhaustive, I’m sure. I'll start a series here - and post randomly my list with scriptures to support my findings. I think I'll call this series What's a Wife? Cultural or Biblical.

You can read part two here and part three here.

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singlemomforgod said...

I would love to read anymore that you have on this one!!!! This is great! Thanks for all of the help, you are a jewel and I hope that when ever I get married I can be ready as ever!