Thursday, December 06, 2007

Creating Sanctuary – Step 6 Setting Priorities

I’ve been enjoying pondering and writing about how a woman creates sanctuary or a haven in the home, mainly because it’s causing me to continually evaluate what I do, ask myself why I do it and then determine if something in my day or feminine soul needs to shift. I ask if I'm on-purpose for today, for the tomorrow.

A shift happened yesterday. Zane, my 5 year old grandson, saw that I’d let Ivana take one picture with my digital and of course, he wanted to too.

His first picture was of me making chicken dinner. His comment was just too sweet, "Nana, this is so awesome, you look so cute." Of course, after hearing that I looked so cute, I thought he could snap a few more…and thus his foto op session began and now Zane's World Blog.

I have on file over 120+ pictures and on file in my mind is the memory of his little gleeful comments of his new found pride in picture taking.

The shift was in my soul. As I uploaded Zane’s pictures my world changed. I saw dirt from a different perspective.

I, like just about every other mom or nana, can easily consume my world with the "doing", running around, being busy, all the people-pleasing kinds of things and then miss the moment – that God really has for me – the being.

Watching Zane enjoy the things and capture what I tend to miss or think I need to "clean up" slowed me down (again) only to remind me of what’s really a priority. . . . people . . . faces. . . little faces, big faces and His face. Watching Zane only affirmed to me that the number one priority in creating sanctuary is people. Crystal gave her sweet example about that this morning.

Did I accomplish all on my "to do " list? Nope. Does it matter? Nope. Will I get to check those undone things off? Eventually.

This morning, I had a sweet God connection seeing what He wanted to talk to me about from Proverbs 6. I had breakfast with my One-Flesh partner, we kissed and reminded each other of what this life is all about. I spoke to my dear friend Linda. Bed is made and kitchen sink is full of morning dishes, dinner for tonight is left over Potato Soup, and now I'm off to see Zane and Ivana - and Santa.

And, later, I'll come back home and take a look at what needs cleaning in my bathroom. . . . of which I'll add my own foto op.

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Mrs. Jo said...

You always have such inspiring posts Lylah! Thanks for the reminder on what truly matters!

Judy said...

I made the potato soup tonight and not only was it a hit, it was easy too.
I definitely will be making this one again. Thanks for the encouraging blog

Lylah said...

Hi Mrs. Jo...thanks so much for the encouraging words! I really appreciate it.

Judy - :-) I'm so delighted that Moms Potato Soup is on the repeat list. blessings!