Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's for dinner tonight? Soup from my mom's kitchen

Moms are great resources :-). My mom, especially is and I'm so thankful that I still have both of my parents around.

Mom's an amazing cook. I remember, at one time, she pursued "gourmet" cooking (and my dad did too). It was fabulous to be on the receiving end.

From time to time, my own daughters call for a "memory" food recipe and I find myself, from time to time doing the same. I'll call mom and ask for a recipe. The one I asked for last week was for her Potato Soup.

It's what I'm serving for dinner tonight. Since my mom has so many wonderful "memory food" recipes, I decided to start a post with her recipes called From My Mom's Kitchen. What will be good about these recipes? My mom is from Lancaster, Penn and cooks with that Pennsylvania Dutch touch.

Mom grew up in Lancaster and I spent half of my growing up years there. I can still remember "cup cheese" and "shoo fly pie" (of which I have a fantastic recipe for) and Lebanon baloney...

Last week my mom sent me an email: I love fresh dill, have always used it in sour cream cucumbers, and mashed potatoes at times, It has a flavor of it own. I have always added onions and celery to most everything from salads to soups. Then the chicken broth made sense as I am using it also in many things like when I make the chicken and dumplings. Some people use flour for a thickener...........no way have I ever, Corn Starch is the only way as it will never lump for you. It also enhances a much better gravy, smooth and hum good. Enjoy. So it could be called a little bit of this and that. let me know................. later, mom

From My Mom's Kitchen - Mom's Potato Soup
I use about 4 to 5 potatoes, peeled & cubed,
chopped onion, & celery, (the how much is up to you)
salt, pepper, fresh dill. (yeah, I have fresh dill in my garden!!!!!)
Cover with two cans of chicken broth. (I do have homemade stock in the freezer, but for this I'll use some TJ's organic broth)
Add 1 stick of butter and one cup of sour cream. (oh, my is this going to be rich!!!!)
Thicken soup with corn starch mixed with 1/2 cup of milk.
Heat and do not boil. DELICIOUS!

If you try this, will you post a comment please? Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious. I love creamy potato soups, and today it is gray and rainy out, so this will be the perfect comfort food Much more appealing to me than the chili I was going to make. Thanks! :)

Lylah said...

yes...i'm looking forward to it as well....so where is gray and rainy?

it's sunny and warm here (scottsdale)

Mrs. T said...

oh my goodness, that sounds delicious.

Lylah said...

Hi Mrs. T...thanks for posting...and yes...it was fabulous. i actually ended up adding about 4 more potatoes....and, to be honest, i was nervous about the "stick" of butter...but, i went for it and am glad i did. i also added a ton of fresh dill, since i have it :-)

when u try it, let me know...blessings!

Christina said...

I made this for lunch today. It was yummy!

Lylah said...

Hi Christina...so glad you stopped by and posted AND that this soup worked for you! Yahoo! My friend, Lesley, just made it too and loved it! Blessings....me

Lylah said...

Hi Christina...so glad you stopped by and posted AND that this soup worked for you! Yahoo! My friend, Lesley, just made it too and loved it! Blessings....me

Lesley said...

I just made this soup today for the second time and it is yummy! It is a big hit with my hubby too!
Thank you Lylah!

Deb Burton said...

I love potato soup, especially this time of year. I like adding cheese with mine.

Neat idea, From My Mom's Kitchen. Will definitley check it out.