Friday, November 16, 2007

Tips to Live on a Little

If you read my Money Making Mama's Blog, you'll see that I think, "If I save money, then I have made money." Money is so much about attitude and how we steward the little or the much that God gives us.

I love reading Mom Blogs and one in particular is a good one! It's written by Crystal Paine. She's a mom of two little kiddos and has the wisdom of a 60 year old. She has found wonderful creative ways to steward (manage) what God has given them. This post just came out today and it's worth reading and re-reading!

Roses to you, Crystal - May God continue to use you in the lives of so many women!

I'd love your comments to what Crystal has written!

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Melonie said...

Crystal does have wisdom beyond her years. I had the honor of working with her at a homeschooling magazine for a little while - little did I know back then how very much she had to share, as we talked "their" business, rarely our own.

I don't think Crystal and Jesse really realize what a blessing they are to women - of all ages - and their families. She is one of my Internet "older women" and I've easily got close to 10 years on her. ;-)

Lylah said...

Hi Melonie...what a very sweet comment to say about her....I'm sure that God's using you in ways that you aren't aware of :-)...blessings!