Monday, November 05, 2007

Life Coach Moms updated site

I've been working profusely on reconstructing my site at and today, it's done! I'm celebrating. Sure there will be a few minor things that need attention, but that's life, right?

Now that it's done - I'm shifting my focus. Besides, husband, home front and family - I'm preparing to speak to women this coming weekend. I'll be headed to Tucson on Friday to speak at a workshop on Saturday. My subject? Marriage.

God's Word is true and when I apply it - it works. Isn't it one thing to study the fruit of the Holy Spirit and another to apply it in marriage? Ahh..conviction is sweet to the soul.

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Anonymous said...

I do appreciate this information however, what if you are not getting the same type of treatment? My husband will say things "i will never listen to you; I am the MAN of this household so get used to it or there's the door". How do I work around this?