Monday, November 05, 2007


I subscribe to Tony Perkin's Washington Update. This e-newsletter just came into my box. It's amazing and needs to be read. I'll quote:

Survivor: The Womb Edition
Having just witnessed the miracle of new life, I was amazed at the story of the Lord's protection over an unborn baby that doctors in the U.K. tried--unsuccessfully--to abort. The child, who physicians claimed suffered from an enlarged heart that would likely be fatal in the womb, was a twin. Heeding their doctors' advice, which was to put the child out of his misery, Rebecca and Mark Jones reluctantly agreed to abort the baby in hopes of saving his brother. Gabriel, as he is now known, had other ideas. When the medical team tried to sever his umbilical cord to cut off the blood supply, the cord was too strong. Next they tried to divide the placenta in half "so that when Gabriel died, it wouldn't affect his twin brother."

To everyone's amazement, Gabriel survived for another five weeks--long enough for Rebecca to deliver him. She and her husband now marvel that their babies are both alive and completely healthy. "No one could quite believe it," Rebecca says, seven months later. In fact, the procedure that doctors thought would end Gabriel's life was later credited with saving it.

The distribution of nutrients through the separate placentas helped give him the strength he needed to keep fighting. As moving as this story is, it does underscore just how vital it is for families to have pro-life doctors who share their worldview. Like the Joneses, we're often at the mercy of the medical community's opinion, and surely we all want their advice to be illuminated through a pro-life lens.

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Georgia said...

I saw this on the news too, Lylah.. what a blessing to prove to the doubters that the Lord has a purpose for these little ones. What a wonderful wonderful joy..