Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let Him Kiss Me with the Kisses of His Mouth

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.....what do the lips do? Proverbs 18:21!

My darling love told me yesterday, "Honey, a kiss can mean reminds us of us and what we're about. A kiss is a rest, an oasis and the foundation of our home." Such a love ~ he is.

One thing I know for sure, if I'm talking, Michael can't kiss me. Doesn't work.

Your Words
Do you know that our words are a reflection of the One we serve?

If you're short on study material - check out these kissy verses :

Check out these verses from the Book of Proverbs (preferably from the New Living Translation): 4: 25, 10:11 , 10:12 , 10:19 , 10:32, 11:9 , 11:12 , 11:13 , 12:6 , 12:15 , 12:19, 13:3, 13:5, 13:10 ,13:16 , 14:3 , 14:9, 17:27 , 18:2, 18:4, 18:20, 18:21, 20:15, 21:23 , 22:14 , 25:18 , 25:23 , 27:15 , 31:26

Another note on the word kiss.
In the Hebrew - the word kiss means to light a fire.

When a guy and a girl engage in kissing and they're not (having it clearly defined) moving toward marriage, they are lighting an unnecessary fire. In my opinion, kissing (unnecessary fires) can confuse the relationship that isn't moving toward commitment through marriage.

Are you kissing while dating or courting? I personally think it hurts and confuses women more than men and this is where I strongly counsel young women to resist and become irresistible. Kissing is a step toward sex - it lights a fire.

I'm excited to hear your comments on this!

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Leia said...

Because we'd both kissed far too many people in the past and allowed it to land us in trouble (although, by the grace of God, both of us had maintained our virginity), my husband and I decided when we first started talking about dating that we wouldn't kiss. Initially it was just until we were engaged, but our first kiss ended up being when he kissed his bride during our wedding. We didn't make a big deal about it, but enough people knew that it was a really special moment for all of us.

Even with our rather short courtship/engagement (just under a year between our first real conversation and our wedding - hey, when you're 29 and 27 and both listening to God's will in the matter, what's the point in waiting?), it would have been extremely difficult for us to maintain the proper boundaries if we had been kissing. It was hard enough _without_ kissing!

As it is now, it's still very special to us, and we definitely appreciate the time it gave us during our courtship to do things _other_ than kiss - like talk about the issues that needed to be addressed prior to being married.

It also made our wedding day (and night!) even more special as there was even more to discover about each other!

Lylah said...

AHHHHHHHHH.......i love this love this love this love this....comment. thanks woman for speaking it as it is and can be!

internet roses to you! and blessings on your sweetness! lylah

thebeadgirl said...

a kiss is a gift, it is personal it is a sign of true affection. nothing tells me my hubby loves me more than his soft gentle kiss. if given casually i believe it is giving a little piece of yourself away...a crumbling of your heart. that kind of oneness should be reserved for the love of your life.

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Yup, I totally agree about kissing while dating, Lylah!

Unfortunately, I did kiss other men before making some big changes in my life, shortly before meeting my husband. When we met and began courting, I knew that things needed to be different.

We agreed very early on that we wouldn't kiss, and even wrote out a specific list of which physical forms of affection were appropriate and not during out courtship. We decided to save kissing on the lips for our wedding day.

It was so incredibly worth it, I can't even tell you. Despite my previous relationships, when I stood before my husband on our wedding night, I felt completely pure, ready to be 100% his. It protected our relationship and set such a strong foundation.

You know you must be counter-cultural when a wedding magazine hears that your first kiss was at the altar and decides to write up a story on you! What a great opportunity to witness and share how beautiful it can be when our physical affection is saved and kept within the boundaries of marriage!

Christa said...

I am totally with you! Check out and download/watch Mark Driscolls sermon series entitled The Peasant Princess. It's husband and I are watching them together.

Youthful One said...

I totally agree with the testimonies above. After both being restored from years of promiscuous youth, Jesus led my husband & I together. We also agreed to wait for our first kiss. Consequently, it was much more explosive than any other kiss in my memory.

However, the other kiss I found equally memorable is the first kiss my husband gave me at the altar. When the pastor said, "You may kiss your bride," my hubby first held my face in both hands and kissed my forehead. It was such a deliberate sign of tenderness and care that superseded any signs of fleshly passion. (He did follow it with a kiss on the lips, btw.)

I love this post, and will certainly be directing younger (unwed) ladies toward it.

Lylah said...

awe...this story makes me so it, thanks for sharing!

A Marriage After His Heart said...


Reading all these comments makes me reflect back to my wedding day. I too shared a similar courtship testimony. Our first kiss, embrace was after we ere pronounced. We held hands for the first time when we exchanged vows. It was so hard during the courtship at times, but I thought about my daughters and the example they were seeing before thier young eyes and it made it worth it! My girls will know how to conduct themselves when thier season comes. Hopefully they won't travel the same road as I to get there, but at least in the end, they were left with a good example of mommy.

I was also thinking that in the worldly dating arena, when couples kiss its exciting at first, but then over time kissing dwindles away and only happens as a premise to sexual foreplay. It becomes a means to an end, and some guys out there don't even like kissing out side of the parementers of "getting laid".

I believe this is why kissing has become a lost art between couples. The passion is lacking because it's just part of the ritual of either a greeting, or foreplay. The same could be said about embracing or simple touching. It becomes taken for granted becuase it's only used as a means to an end.
I still get excited when my husband comes and places his hand at the small of my back when he is trying to pass by me, its not planned but because we didn't touch until after we were married, its brand new and igniting.

I understand all the more why Scripture states " it is good for a man not to touch a woman" because those senses should only be shared by husband and wife.

Thanks for letting me rant!