Thursday, September 04, 2008

dating or courting?

I'm troubled with the "dating" scene today and especially with how hurt women get when passive me pursue them through a computer screen! Another post on another day.

This following piece is in Chapter 9 of my e-book Girlfriend School. It came from a book called: Courting, Dating and Hanging Out. I'd love your thoughts!

Dating - What is dating? Dating is spending time (exclusively) with one guy. Dating starts with “an attraction” based on (possibly) infatuation.

Dating goes like this:
· Boy asks girl out (sometimes girl asks boy out).
· Dating can include everything from kissing to hooking up.
· Dating is not an approach to marriage.
· Dating is confusing, often hurtful and with lots of regrets. Dating can be full of anxiety.
· Dating is behavioral oriented. It’s often selfish.
· You would date someone whom you would or wouldn’t think about
marrying. It is not meant to be an approach to marriage.
· Dating has “self” in mind.

What is courting?
· Courting has principles—a guy and a girl are seen together with a group of other people.
· It’s within a group setting that they get to know each other.
· Courting is meant to be an approach to marriage.
· Courting is relationally oriented. It’s not selfish.
· Courting brings the blessing of “dad” into the guy/girl relationship.
· Courting has God’s best in mind.

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liss said...

In my world it's referred to as hanging out vs. dating . . . whatever it's called the results are the same as you described.