Friday, September 05, 2008

the happiest place?

Today is the last day to hang out with Candace, her hubs and Zane and Ivana. It's been a fun week at Disneyland - riding rides I shouldn't have - all for the grand kids. Kind of like 'sin' and how we say we do 'it' for the reasons we name. Oh, that's another post.

We've walked a gazillion miles, sweat buckets (my LA is humid), eaten a few pb and honey sandwiches and held hands on Soaring Over California. I think that's my favorite. Ivana's a trip on that ride. She gives these running commentaries and has to squeeze our hands tight so she doesn't fall over the edge. My other favorite is the new Woody ride and Zane was one of my favorite partners there.

I ate one two many Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches - but I do think I walked it all off and then some. Was proud that I only ate one piece of fudge and had fun belly laughing with Candace over how drenched our husbands got on Splash Mountain. Actually it was my husbands rendition of WHY they got so drenched that was hysterical.

They say that Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth - well, it wasn't this time - because the Griffin's weren't here.

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