Friday, August 17, 2007

take a lesson from the ants

For the first time - ever (so I guess I should be thankful) we have ants in the house. They're in a strange place. For some reason they've found entrance through how I don't know - the hall bathroom.

Jenni noticed them about five days ago. We've sprayed Windex, put out a couple of those little houses that they supposedly will go in, get food and take it to their queen and then quit invading our space. It's not working.

They are a nuisance. I'm really "bugged" by them. On the other hand, I'm a bit intrigued as I watch them. These ants are the tiniest ants I've ever seen. They are try not lazybones. Proverbs 6:7 says to take a lesson from the ants. It says to learn of their ways and be wise. It says they don't have anyone to make them work so hard as they "labor" to gather for the winter time.

The other day, while watching this little army, I got to thinking about the Church. I was wondering what would happen if those who are Church would be as diligent as these ants. Then as I watched them, I got to thinking (again) how other-centered they are. The live to serve the queen (by getting food). Again, I started wondering what would happen if Church did the same thing - if Church lived - other-centered - to be all about the King - serving the King.

Hmmmm. . . .

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