Tuesday, August 21, 2007

take a lesson from the ants you lazybones

I get the privilege of teaching our young kids on Sundays. I'm a hands-on kind of teacher and so after reading Proverbs 6:6, I decided to take my precious disciplee's outside. Their job was to find an ant hill.

Well, that wasn't too hard to find. A huge one - active red ants and all was found immediately. We spent at least seven minutes watching these productive, busy little creatures. They traveled the "straight path" from one hole to the other. It was quite a distance and I wondered if their little feet (are the feet?) got tired.

After our observation time, I took my little class back inside and read the Prov. 6:6 passage. It says, "Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and be wise. . ."

We chatted about what a lazybone was. We chatted about how hard the ants worked. We chatted about this lesson that if we wanted to be wise, we needed to not be lazybones like the ants. Hannah T. (she's four) said we needed to be straightshooters.

I still have ants in my house. They've moved from the bathroom to Simon's bedroom. They are tenacious, diligent, oersistant, determined, work with each other, never stop to ponder the authority of the one in charge, are single focused, and surely not double-minded. When something, like Windex (not working) or Comet (we'll see) gets in their way, they're not "shaken" (they are probably looking at is as a character builder - just kidding). I watch what they do. They simply move around the object in any way they can and then they get back on course.

I got pretty mad this morning when Simon started yelling about the ants. I'm still not "happy" about the situation, but I'm trusting God wants to teach me something as I watch them and learn of His ways.

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