Saturday, August 25, 2007

simple prayers to be prayed

My friend Pami sent me these prayers. They are simple and good - straight to the point.

For God to protect your heart from getting hurt by others. Ask that His acceptance of you would be enough and that you would not take things personal (Pray for joy). Memorize Phil 4:6,7

That your identity in God would be enough for you. That you would discover how He feels about you and that that would satisfy your soul (Pray for peace). Memorize Gal 2:20

That you would not try to earn people’s affection or approval through acts of kindness or performance, but that you would live your life for an audience of One, God (Pray for peace). Gal 1:10

That you would not develop pride because of the knowledge that you have. Remember, what you know is because of God’s grace and because of our abilities/intelligence – only the spirit of revelation can reveal life changing knowledge (Pray for love and gentleness). Memorize 1 Cor 2:9,10 and 8:1

For God to keep you from getting distracted by new interests but that you would stay focused on what needs to get done even if it is becoming a bore (Pray for self-control). Memorize I Cor 9:24-27

For God to reveal it to you when you are trying to control how finances are spent and that He would give you the discipline to not proceed until you can move forward completely yielded to His authority (Pray for gentleness and self-control). Memorize Phil 2:3-4

For God to still your tongue when you have an opinion to share. Remember, if it is important enough to say today, it is important enough to pray about it and say tomorrow (Pray for self-control). Memorize James 1:19-20.

That you would have compassion when giving advice or correcting someone’s problem. Remember just as you are to fear no man, you are also to speak to broken hearts (Pray for love and kindness). Gal 5:26 and 6:1-2

That your confidence would be in God and not in your own abilities. Only God can produce spiritual fruit. Our efforts can only give people an illusion of godliness (Pray for gentleness and faithfulness). Memorize John 15:4-5

For God to give you a tenderness towards people who do not see things the way you do or share your vision. Remember, just because it isn’t your doesn’t make it the wrong way (Pray for love and gentleness). Memorize Eph 5:21

That you would keep your God-given priorities above your intense interest in your job. Remember, your identity is not what you do, it is who you are (Pray for faithfulness). James 4:13-17

That you would not be critical of others when they fail your expectations – when they should be helping or being better servants. Serve with true humility that expects nothing from anyone (Pray for gentleness and kindness). Gal 5:13

That your heart would be humble enough to accept help from others and that your pride would not allow you to try to do things all by yourself (Pray for peace and gentleness). James 4:6

That you would have the true heart of a servant that serves with humility and expects nothing in return, not even appreciation (Pray for faithfulness). Gal 6:9, Col 3:23, Lk 17:7-10

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