Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our daughter, her hubby and 3 amazing grandchildren have lived with us for just over a year. It's been a delightfully fun year. . . with our home filled with laughter, tears, little pet shops, Legos and princess shoes. I believer that God's goal, here, in the desert, has been accomplished. Launch day is getting close.

I can tell it is as I watch suitcases get filled up and closets and shelves get emptied. I see pet shops, Lego's and princess shoes find new places. How hard is this for a woman like me? My. . . it's very hard, but I suppose I don't really know how hard it will really be when we have a "wave and a hug and a kiss goodbye." (My granddaughter's words.)

Our home went from 2 to 7 to 11 (my other daughter and her family were here for about 6 weeks) then back down to 7 and in a few weeks it will go back to 2 - well 3. Maggie our dog is here too. Does she count?

I've watched a 5 year start school and overcome her fears. I've seen a 6 year old wake up in the morning, full dressed (by almost 6 a.m) back on and tapping his toes at the door waiting for time to get to school. I've had the joy of a 2 1/2 year old's constant snuggle, adorable, kiss-face presence.

I've been able to find different connection points with each one: cooking (too bad it was discovered so late), writing very imaginative stories and starting a blog, princess shoes and dress up. What's been a double blessing is having our other two little grandchildren join in on the mix. Gloriously managed chaos. As a wife,

I've enjoyed watching my husband be Poppie. He is just the best Poppie in the WHOLE world. He wrestles, dances, plays, sings, writes songs and finds froggy and dodo and comforts in the night.

Some have had opinions as to how two families can meld and do it so well. I think the ticket is that you want something and you overlook and you come to realize what's really important in life. Not clean floors, clean refrigerators, swept porches ....but people....faces....hearts. It's worked fantastically. What will I miss? Saying good night to Simon, Miriam and Jillian. Seeing pet shops and Legos and princess shoes on bedroom floors. Breakfast oatmeal and blueberries and coffee (which never seems to get finished and is often cold) around the table with family faces.

I'll miss my daughter (horribly so - and her sister will also miss her immensely). I've gotten to watch her - as a wife and mother. It's all so good. I'll miss the morning walks - even though we didn't have enough. I will miss those little times of woman to woman ~ soul to soul connection.

I'll miss kids and homework and parents reading and squeals and pillow fights and shoes piled at the front door. I'll miss walking to school, little talks, brushing hair and nuggles and Saturday morning cartoons. I'll miss the frequent call for "Nana, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I need to go potty." I'll miss the presence. . .

What am I thankful for? I'm thankful for this gift of a lifetime to experience the lives of three little ones and their parents - up front and center. I'm thankful for having the privilege of dirty floors, fingerprints on walls, and smudges on the refrigerator. I'm thankful for all the tons of loads of laundry (that never seemed to be done), for the sand in Simon's shoes, for the crayon marks on my table, and for my God and His never~ending goodness to me to remind me - what's really important. I'm thankful for the opportunity they have to make a new home for their family in Spain. I'm thankful. . . I'm thankful . . . I'm thankful.

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Lu said...

I like your blog the best. This has to be bittersweet for you and Michael. We think of you guys often!

Lu said...

I like your blog the best. This must be a bittersweet time for you and Michael. We think of you guys often!