Thursday, August 02, 2007

my grandkids - cuteness and innocence

Michael and I are privileged to have our grandkids be around so much. We love the full house. The past few days Zane and Ivana have been spending the night. They are fun and say the cutest things. The other morning, I told Zane, "Zane, we've got to run some errands this morning." His reply? "Nana, I can't go." "Why Zane?" "Because I didn't bring my running shoes." cute.

We have a rule that all kids don't get out of bed or the room before 7 am. So, the other morning Zane says, "Nana my tummy is hurting." Wow, I’m so sorry Zane." Zane replies, "My tummy would feel better if I could get up and play, so can I get up and play. Nana I’m getting tired resting….is there a real problem about that?" Now where in the world did that come from? Too cute.

As Ivana listens to her brother, she must have thought she could try his tactics. She says, "Nana, my eye hurts…can I watch a show because my eyes hurts." Oh, I'll miss these times one day. Of cuteness and innocence.

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