Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wise Words from Mother Teresa

Michael and I and a few others from the "house on dirt" are on this documentary kick. We are stepping outside the bubble of "Christianity" to see Jesus in places where we would have otherwise missed Him. Some have watched: Hotel Rwanda, Invisible Children, Born into Brothels, Children of Heaven, The Beauty Academy of Kabul and a documentary of Mother Teresa. We are growing and being challenged on this new journey. I especially enjoyed the doc. on Mother Teresa. I'd never really known much about her life until viewing this one. She truly exemplified a life that Jesus talks about as what one must do in order to follow Him: she denied herself, picked up her cross and followed Him. Her life was not her own. I'm still pondering her life and her words. I asked Linda (while viewing this particular documentary) to pen out the quotes she heard. Read them slowly...

Wise Words from Mother Teresa
God Speaks in the silence of the heart
The person whom Christ has chosen knows, she may not express it, but she knows
Each person was created to love and be loved
Every person is created in the image of God
Our work is to give to the poorest of poor
God is full of tenderness and compassion
He loves to work through us, the way you touch people, the way you give to people, it is His love in action through us
The child is the beauty of God’s love, a beautiful gift
Though we love the child (in the orphanage), we can never give what a father and mother can give, it is impossible
Love has to be in action
We don’t need numbers
If you find a man alone, it is the greatest poverty
You find Calcutta all over the world if you have eyes to see
The forgotten left alone, greatest poverty of many countries
In New York, poverty is much deeper, they look and they don’t see
See - come see - see what you can do right where you live
Give the joy of loving
Have the courage to recognize the poor in your country, in loving them you are loving God Himself
Love in action to the poorest of the poor
Poverty is not caused by God - it’s caused by you and me, we are responsible cause we do not share
It’s not how much we give, it’s how much love we put in the giving
Jesus taught us how to love, he said you are my brother and my sister
We need lots of love to forgive, but we need much more humility to forgive
Share the joy of loving
The vocation is to belong to Jesus
Jesus said "I thirst", not for ordinary water, thirst for your love and our love for one another
To touch Him, to Love Him, to serve Him, without Him, we can’t do it
Accept whatever He gives, even if they are cut to pieces, yet every piece belongs to Him
When you give, you surrender, you are free then
Holiness is a simple duty for you and for me

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