Saturday, March 17, 2007

53 years of marriage

Today, 53 years ago, my parents got married. I celebrate their tenacity to stay together - through thick and through think - like my moms says.

Today - I chatted with my mom and asked her to give me some of her advice. The following is from my dear mother.

"Do the best you can. Work hard at it. Work hard to keep it together. Sure you can walk out the door, but don't. Know it's the good Lord above that gives you strength.

Be good to your man. Write your feelings down can help a lot. It helps you go back at it. You don't own your husband - he doesn't own you. It's a partnership. In time of need, try to be home near your husband. Do as much as you can for him - his laundry, preparing his meals. Give a lot. Try hard to think about the good things. There is no value to mention the bad times.

Don't argue about anything - I'm here on borrowed time. Our hairs are numbered. Again, do the best you can."

I thank God for giving me the parents He did.

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