Sunday, August 13, 2006 mind and my stomach get mad at me

You know how many choices we make in a day? I don't know exactly, but I think it's too many. We seem to invest great amounts of time and mental capacity in making decisions that were far simpler or simply didn't exist in the past. Sometimes choosing just one choice can paralize us or put us into a spin.

My grandson told me today that his choice of either a few M n M's or an icecream cone was too hard because it was making his mind and his stomach get mad at him. He said, "I know I'm going to make a decision and I know I'm not going to like it. I am going to get mad at myself with the decision I make." I am just about belly laughing as I journal this wonderful grandkid moment. Isn't it like a 6-year olds honest confession of choice struggles that show us how much stress there is to life's decisions.

In thinking about my choices, I am reminded of the story in Luke, where Jesus sees Martha's frenzy over her choices.(I wonder if her mind and stomach were getting mad at her.... I love Jesus' gentle words to her frenzied feminine soul - "Martha, only one thing is needed and see, your sister Mary has chosen that one thing." Ok, you worker bees - Jesus is not saying, don't NOT be busy, but what he is saying is to keep your heart entwined with his as you do. Don't neglect him as your reward. I love this little guy so much. God uses him to teach me about how to not get my mind and my stomach mad at me.

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