Sunday, August 13, 2006

...but I don't like washing dishes...

How fun it is to have 3 unique grandchildren. I only wish that I were able to capture everything that they say and do. Oh, God, help me, because there are too many sweet moments where I find that You are talking to me through them.

Today, for example - I told my granddaughter that I wanted to teach her how to wash the dishes. In her cute and darling way, she replied, "Nana, I already know how to how to wash dishes." I thought how wonderful. But, then she said the cutest thing, "I don't like to wash dishes." Well, my goodness, what woman really does? And then it dawned on me, here's something God wants to talk to me and her about. So, in reply to her darling comment, I said, " Well, I don't either! And, sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do."

Isn't that the truth? How often am I or you required by God to do something that we just don't want to or don't like to? I "get" to all the time. How often are we "not in the mood" to do something for someone else? Is it that we allow our "I don't like to" or "not in the moods" to lead right thinking in caring for others and relating to them as God would require? When I stand before Jesus I won't be able to give the excuse, "I don't like to wash dishes." You won't either. Blessings!

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